Auto-expansion of a saline implant masquerading as capsular contracture

Dr. Daniel Fleming
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A 39-year-old female patient presented complaining of an 18-month history of her left breast becoming smaller and a 12-month history of hardening of her right breast. She desired larger breasts and for the right breast to become soft again. She had had a bilateral augmentation mammoplasty 8 years previously. Round, low profile, smooth surfaced, saline filled implants had been inserted into submuscular pockets via an infra-mammary incision. The fill volumes were 225mls on the left and 250mls on the right. Prior to developing these symptoms she had been happy with her implants. The patient was well, had no other significant past medical history and was on no medications. Examination revealed a partially deflated implant on the left and Baker grade IV capsular contracture on the right with lateral displacement of the implant.

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