2nd Meeting of the Experts Botulinum Toxin A in Aesthetic Dermatology

Berthold Rzany
Alina Fratila
Marc Heckman
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The second meeting of the experts confirmed the outstanding importance of botulinum toxin A in the treatment of mimic wrinkles.Within the last two years the therapy has become more differentiated. Indications that didn’t bring convincing results, such as nasolabial sulcus, horizontal neck wrinkles and the décolleté were not able to establish themselves. New indications such as masseteric hypertrophy have been added. Still, the goal is not the smoothing of large facial areas, but the shaping of a lively face. Gold standard of the treatment objective is the patients wish. It is the doctors art of finding out the patients wish, to weigh the viability critically and then to implement the wish as best as possible by using the appropriate points of injection and the right dosage.The treatment with botulinum toxin A will become even more differentiated. Increasing experience in the area of the middle and lower third of the face will lead to simultaneous treatment of several areas of a patient. Hence, the goal within the next few years will be to define rules for the differentiated treatment of several facial areas in order to further optimise the therapy with botulinum toxin A.The assignment for all of us will be, by means of a very good patient documentation, to develop therapy strategies that can be summarized at a third consensus meeting.

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