Welcome to JCSM

A well respected journal is a sign of a healthy, vibrant, group of professionals and the cosmetic surgery and cosmetic medicine fraternity internationally are just such a dedicated group.

Cosmetic Medical Practice is a field of endeavour which brings together the expertise of several medical and surgical disciplines, and as such, a multidisciplinary platform is essential to bring together all the elements required to allow the dedicated professional to stay current.

The Journal of Cosmetic Surgery and Medicine provides the professionals in cosmetic medical practice with an unparalleled opportunity to present the results of their academic research and their new developments and new techniques so important to education and being at the forefront of their profession.

We have taken a bold departure from the usual medical journal format to try to present you a journal with style as well as being cutting edge. I am sure you will find the JCSM entertaining as well as professionally rewarding. The ‘out of the office’ Lifestyle segment is designed to give a further dimension and reflect the non clinical interests of the busy professionals we are.

The editorial team has been established and is experienced and respected in the medical community.

We have put in place a ‘help desk’for doctors unfamiliar with writing articles. So, for those who have the idea, the date, the experience, but not the writing skills, let us know and we can put you in touch with a writing team to help give you that final polished article.

I commend the Journal of Cosmetic Surgery and Medicine to all my colleagues of all medical disciplines and locations and invite your readership and encourage your submissions.